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SAs we leave our home of the past five years, each of us 
has different visions of what the future holds. We have gotten 
out of this school what we put into it, which is highly com- 
mendable. We each have different goals, and each of us will find 
our own ways to achieve them. ^^^^ 

In this yearbook is the past. The 1996 Oracle will serve to 
remind us of what we had at Randolph High. Good times and 
bad times alike^feur high school experiences have made us 
grow. Somewhere in this yearbook is a glimpse of you. During 
our time in high school, we acquired the skills to get us through 
life. We learned a lot of things, but the most important thing we 
can take with us is confidence — confidence in who we are and 
what we do. We should have the confidence to stand up for 
ourselves and for our principles; the confidence to use our 
skills in order to continue growing and learning throughout our 

The future awaits us, and we are now prepared to meet it. We, 
the Class of 1996, were a vision, a class which was not afraid to 
fight for what it believed in. We made this school better for 
those who will follow us, and we made sure people knew how 
effective a class can be. We should all be so proud of our 
achievements. We envisioned graduation, and now it is a 
reality. While it is frightening to venture into the unknown arena 
of total independence, as long as we each know who we are and 
the kind of person we want to be, we will always be able to look 
back with pride at Randolph Jr./Sr. High School where we spent 
so much time. We should look at this place, and be glad to 
move on, but not forget where we learned to succeed. 

Each of us looks in the mirror and can be proud of the vision 
staring back. We should have confidence to take on the world. 
We should never give up on ourselves. We should envision 
ourselves succeeding, and we will. 


Deborah R. Stein 


Jessica Krivelow 

Danielle O'Neill 

Dave Viera 

Alex Apazidis 

Ciina Sakillares 

Tim Trull and Taryn Hamlin 


Zulfikar Alii 

T. Holland, D. Dulski, S. Clapp, K. Mulligan, K. Sullivan, M. 
Morse, T. Dobbins, K. Perfetuo, L. Packard, K. O'Donnell 

Vanessa Manzano 

Jodi Cole and Marci Doniger 

Happy Lunch Lady 

S. Qafanhao, E. Lee, V. Manzano, B. O'Leary, D. Viera, D. McGuire, K. 
Cassidy, M. Qass, S. Green, J. Sandler 

Sharon DeOssie, Julie Keane, Sarah Dever 


The Rally 

Caught On Film: 
Views Of Student Life 

SB '3 






SP ^ / 1 




■i- ' 


M' 7 • 

£2r "1 


/ ■ ■ / 


2 lj)^^^.'* fc ^' "*^^H 


ML J[ 

Ik. A 7 > 


Top (left-right): Matt OsrJ|niy, Do^ 
O'Connor, Matt Weinberg* 

Brian KaropL'. 

)ttom: Vanessa "Lewis, 


)r uaivez 

Kate Manning 

Kristin Hynes 

Matt Weinberg and Paul MacQregor 

Beth Dziergowski, Carolyn Walsh, and Tim Trull 


Mike Harrison and Brian Cutting 




Captains with the Blue Devil 

Adina Potischman and Milisa Burke 

Debbie Stein 

Daily Visions 

Dan McGuire and Mr. Vellante 

Matt Ostiguy 

Frank Showstack 

Susan Qafanahao 


with Barbara Foster 

Rally Goers 

Alex Apazidis and Brian Cutting 

Jenna Sandler and Shauna Callahan 


V* *- 







Right: Sharon DeOssie, Sarah 
Dever, Julie Keane, Danielle 
O'Neill, Christine Eaton 

Karen Cassidy, Jessica Krivelow, Bud- 
dy Qass 

Beth Dziergowski and Carolyn Walsh 



Dennis King, Emron Williams, Jose Freitas, Marcelino Andrade, Joe Centeio, Hatim 

Frank Showstack 


Sarah Dever and Sharon DeOssie 

Tracy Calder and Company 

Joe Monteforte and Erik Saganic 

on I lead me/, 9 maw t%ol foMoup. 
^faonl walk/ behind/ mes, i) maw not/ 
lead, walk/ beside/ me/ and &£/ mw 
puend. " — Anonymous 

The Lady Blue Devils come together 

Stacey Green, Shana Gulko, Laurie Cunningham 


Urn mtdS 

Mr. James E. Watson 

To the Class of 1996 : 

Congratulations! I hope that Randolph Junior/Senior High School 
has made your lives better and that you have benefited from the 
many programs and activities offered in our school. We have 
tried to equip you with the best. 

Keep in mind that success will not be instantaneous. You must 
apply yourself diligently to the work or the study which you 
choose. Do not become discouraged. Have pride in yourself, your 
work and your accomplishment. 

On behalf of all of the administrators, faculty and staff, I 
congratulate you. I wish you success in your chosen field and 
much personal happiness. 

(\ci~~vi<i — 

James E. Watson 



To The Class of 1996 : 

Congratulations to you and your families on passing a major 
milestone in your lives as graduates from Randolph Junior /Senior 
High School. 

For the past six years, I have had the honor and pleasure of 
working with you as you have become young men and women. The 
shared experiences of joy, success and even occasional sadness 
have been very special. 

On behalf of the Randolph Junior/Senior High School 
administration, faculty and staff, I would like to thank you for 
all of your contributions to our school. We wish you success in 
your careers and happiness in your personal lives. 


'Gerard J/. Linehan 


Mr. Gerard J. Linehan 
Housemaster of Grades 10-12 

Mr. Arthur J. Melia 

Dr. Lyn Huttunen 
Superintendent, Retired 

The School Committee with the new Superintendent: Mr. Ron DiGuillio, Mr. Robert Gass, Mr. Brian Howard, Mrs. Barbara 
Meilon, and Mrs. Nancy Irwin 


Mr. John P. Giuggio 
Housemaster of Grades 7-9 

Mr. Robert Johnson 
Housemaster for Business and Operations 



Mr. Leo Adley 


Ms. Yook-Ling Albrecht 

Mrs. Loretta Baldwin 


Mr. David Berry 
Music, Chair 

Mr. Thomas Brennan 

Mrs. Sharon Bright 

Ms. Maryan Barbarisi 

Career Development 

Ms. Pamela Bullard 



r. Arthur Bumpus 

Mrs. Teri-Ann Bumpus 
Pre Voc Support 

Mrs. Sheila Burke 

Guidance Counselor 

Ms. Mary Campbell 

Mr. Philip Carlino 
Physical Education 

Mrs. Kathleen Chase 
Health Education 


^9 •'^•v 



41 yi 

Mr. Richard Cohn 
Resource Room 

Mr. Doice Carrington 
Social Studies 

Ms. Ruth Casavant 
Resource Room 

Mr. Chris Christopher 

Mrs. Elaine Chui 

Ms. Mary Catto 
Resource Room 

Mr. Robert Clark 


Mr. Joseph Costa 


Mr. David Cronin 
Social Studies 

Ms. Jennifer Czarnowski 


Ms. Lynne-Marie Dandeneau 


Mr. John Doherty 

Ik i 

Mrs. Carol Davenport 


Mr. Christopher Deady 
Graphic Arts 

Ms. Annette DiMascio 
Math Chair & Tech Chair 

Mr. John Donovan 

Ms. Victoria Duffy 
Social Studies 

Mr. Thomas Edwards 
Computer Instructor 

Ms. Sharon Ellis 
Earth Science 

Mr. William Estes 


Mr. Michael Farrar 


J ■ 

i '« 

Mrs. Alita Finney 


Mrs. Judith Foley 

Foreign Language 

Mrs. Patricia Frederickson 


Mr. Alfred Galante 

Dir. of Math, Science, and Tech 

Mr. Michael Good 


Mr. Ed Grilli 


Ms. Ellen Hahn 

Ms. Lynne Harding 

Social Studies 


Mrs. Harrison 


Mr. Thomas Hedrick 


Ms. Mary Ann Hill 
Library Media 

Ms. Kimberly Hudson 



Ms. MaryHelen Immordino 

Mr. Philip Kachinsky 
Social Studies 

Mr. Paul Kaplan 

Social Studies 

Ms. Kathryn Kiley 
Health Education 

Ms. Lisa LeBlanc 


Ms. Joan Lovely 
GED Tutor-Teen Parenting 

Mr. Ronald Lovett 
Director of Culture and Society 

Mr. Edward Mashrick 

Mr. Joseph McCann 

Ms. Sandra McFadden 
ESL Support 



Ms. Diane Murphy 

Library/Media Aide 

Mr. Dennis McKee 

Mrs. Sheila Mirow 
Social Studies 

Ms. Miriam Modricamin 


Mr. Donald Nelson 


Mr. Kevin OBrien 

Dr. William OBrien 
Science, Chair 


Mr . Robert Pillarella 

Mr. Garrett Powell 

Mr. Robert Primmer 


Mr. Brendan Riordon 
Adjustment Counselor 

Mr. Frank Shedlocl 
Physical Education 


Mr. Jeffrey Shindell 
Special Needs 

Mrs. Ann Skelly 
Foreign Language, Chair 

Mrs. Marilyn Slattery 
Foreign Language 

Dr. William Slattery 
Social Studies 

Mrs. Anita Sung 


Mrs. Cheryl Steward 

Life Skills 

Mrs. Arlene Sugarman 

Special Education 

Mr. Richard Sullivan 
Social Studies 

Mr. John Tu 


Mr. Sweeney 

Health Chairperson 

Mr. Edward Todd 


Ms. Lorraine Tower 


Mr. Stephen Vaillencourt 

ESL Teacher 

Mr. Anthony Vellante 


Ms. Lorraine Wachsman 



Mr. David Wahlgren 
Guidance Counselor 

Dr. Robert Cournoyer 
School Psychologist 

Mrs. Jayne Daly 

Ms. Patricia Ward 
English, Chair 

Ms. Barbara Webber 

Mrs. Jennifer Tantillo 


Mr. James Wheeler 

Mrs. Dianne Yearwood 
Social Worker 

Mrs. Jo Barra 
Headmaster's Secretary 

Mrs. Tami Hey wood 
Guidance Secretary 

Mrs. Claire Hutchinson 
Career Development Secretary 

Mrs. Emily Lennon 
Secretary to Mr. Giuggio 


Mrs. Kathleen Rakoski 

Secretary to Mr. Linehan 

Mrs. Gloria Sullivan 
Curriculum Secretary 

Mr. Gary ( Curt )McKee 

Mr. Bob Bishop 




+* ■ 


Mr. Billy Skipington 

Cafeteria Staff 

Mr. George Norris 

Mr. Joe Previti 

The Security Guards 


Campus Views 


k 1 



H&^ < 

1* M^^jt zZ 

w /v7 






Susan Aduayi 

303 Chestnut West 

Medical Doctor 

Kiss From A Rose 

Chorus 12 

African American Club 11 

Nilesh Agarwalla 

7 McDevitt Road 
Mad Scientist 
fade To Black 
newspaper Club 11, 12 
Math Team 9, 10, 11, 12 
Amnesty International 11, 12 
national Honor Society 10, 11, 12 
Academic Bowl 9 
School Store 9, 10, 1 1 
Student Council 11 

Stephen Anderson 

Alex Apazidis 

8 Rose Way 

new World Order 

Wrestling 9, 10, Capt. 11, 12 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12 

HR Rep. 10, 11 

Powder Puff Coach 11, 12 

Michael Au-Yeung 

66 Mark Terrace 
Most Powerful Yuppie 
Colors of (he Wind 
Amnesty International 
School Store 
Blue and White Banner 

Chess Club 
Academic Bowl 

Benjamin Babaian 

Jessica I. Baldi 

27 Silver Street 
k-mentary Icachcr 

I Chorus 9, 10 
Select Chorus 11, 12 

Matthew Berryman 


osiane E. Bobe 

5 Clark Circle 

Computer Graphics Designer 

It's Raining Men 

International Club V.P. 9, 10 

MR Rep. 9, 10 

African American Club 11, 12 

My Turn 11 

French Club 9 

Karishma Nandrani Boodram 

32 Lisa Road 

To be well traveled 

Total Eclipse of the Heart 

S.A.D.D. 12 

MR Rep. 11 

Jason Andrew Brenner 

71 Pond Lane 
Famous Musician 
Band 9, 10, 11, 12 
Jazz Band 9, 10, 11, 12 
Marching Band 9, 10, 1 1 
Show Choir 9, 11, 12, Pit Band 10 
Amnesty International 11 
Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12 

Christopher John Bronski 

41 Tiffany Drive 
To sink the boat 
Wrestling 11, 12 
Basketball 9, 10 
Spring Track 9 
Oracle 12 
Project Friendship 10 

iana Bryant 

Milisa Ehrine Burke 

3E Bridle Path Circle 

Writer/Singer/Idol of Millions 


Chorus 9, 10, Sec. 11, 12 

Amnesty International 9 

Theatre Guild 10, 11, 12 

Tracey-Ann Marie Calder 

19 Linden Park Drive 


Come Inside 

Student Council 11 

African American Club 11 

S.A.A.R.V. 11, 12 

My Turn 11 

Shauna Marie Callahan 

14 Mark Terrace 
To be happy 
Three Little Birds 
Gymnastics 9, 10, 11, 12 
Swim Team 12 
Powder Puff 11, 12 


Karen Louise Cassidy 

53 Lafayette Street 
Jungle doctor 
Great Gig in the Sky 
Theatre Guild 11, 12 
Spring Track 10, 11 
MR Rep. 9, 10, 11, 12 
Student Council 11, 12 
Blue and White Banner 11, 12 
Oracle 12 

Diana Chavez 

9 Kathleen Road 
Computer Store Owner 
Kiss From a Rose 
School Store 9, 10, Assistant 

Manager 11, Co-Manager 12 
Amnesty International Co-Treasurer 

11, Sec. 12 
Math Team 9, 10, 11, 12 
Blue and \V hite Banner 10, 

Columnist 11,12 
national Honor Society 11, 12 
Tutor 11, 12 
Academic Bowl 9 

Demetra A. Chomovas 

1 Highland Glen Drive 

To achieve all my expectations, but 

be content with what I don't 
Take My Breath Away 
Theatre Guild 9, 10, 11, 12 
Student Council 9, 10, 11 
S.A.D.D. 9, 10, 11, 12 
Peer Leadership 

Edward A. Christian 

9 Oak Grove Rd. 


Wynona s Big Brown Beaver 

G.B.S.A.C. 12 

Student Council Treasurer 12 

Math Team 1 1 , 12 

Soccer 12 

David Todd Cohne 

25 Huckleberry Lane 

Business Executive 


Student Council 12 

Track 9 

Class Float 9, 10, 11 

Jodi Lynne Cole 

30 Bittersweet Lane 

Music Teacher 

Sunshine Day 

Marchlnq ftand 9, 10, 1 1 , Drum 

Major 12 
Jazz Band 9. 10, 11, 12 
Show Choir 9, 10, Section 
>t 11, 12 
'■ Business Manager 1 2 
onal Honor Society 11, 12 
^pudent Council 9. 10 
Band 'i. 10, 1 1, 
.1 12 

Gerald C. Cruz 

1 Sandy Lane 
To Be Successful in Life 
Red Light Special 
S.A.D.D. 11, 12 
Amnesty International 12 
R.A.C.C. 9, 10 

Laurie Anne Cunningham 

27 Academy Road 

To be a social worker working with 


Brian Cutting 

Christopher G. daCamara 

20 Sunset Drive 
To bench press 400 pounds 
Fade to Black 
' Baseball 9, 10, 11, Capt. 12 
Football 10, 11, Capt. 12 
Presidents Council 11, 12 

Danette Daley 

Aisha Davis 

10 Tucker Terrace 
Rich and Famous 
yeverdis da Man 

Heidi Lee DeCarolis 

10 Dorr Street 

To be happy 

Time for Livln 

Cheerleading 9, 10 

Powder Puff 11, 12 

National Honor Society 10, 11, 12 

HR Rep. 12 

Student Tutor 11, 12 

Oracle 12 

Sharon Ann DeOssie 

18 Mitchell Street 

To make a lasting impression 


S.A.D.D. 11. 12 

Oracle 12 

HR Rep. 12 

Class Float 9, 10 

French Club 9 

Sarah Elizabeth Dever 

84 South Main Street 

To live long and be happy 

Everythuxg I Do 

Swim Team 9, 10, 11, 12 

Softball 9, 10, 11 

S.E.M.S.B.A. 9, 10, 11 

District Chorus 10, 11 

HR Rep. 9 

Class Float 9. 10 





Nicholas DiFirro 

Danielle Angelina Dulski 

26 McDonnell Drive 
To be a dancer 
LA. Woman 
Cheerieading 9, 10, 11. 12 

Christine M. Eaton 

21 Marconi Drive 
To marry a rich man 
Softball 9, 10 
Powder Puff 11, 12 

Julie Anne Ferrara 

Hildegarde Sb 

Tr,Kk 10. ]l 12 

Elizabeth A. Dziergowski 

34 Tiffany Drive 

To win the Jack Rabbit Slims Twist 

Hooked on a Feeling 
Swim Team 9, 10, Capt. 11, 12 
Softball 9, 10, 11, 12 
Student Council 9. 10, 

Corresponding Sec. 11, 12 
Oracle 11, 12 



Danielle Cassandra Forde 

8 Rae Circle 

Entertainment Law 

He's Mine 

African American Club 10, 11, 12 

Track 10, 11, 12 

Marci Sara Doniger 

1 DeLorenzo Drive 

Be happy and successful/ help 

Through the Years 
national Honor Society 10, 11, 12 
Show Choir 9, 10, Dance Capt. 11, 

Peer Leadership 11, 12 
Student Council 11, Exec. 12 
Color Guard 10, 11,12 
Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12 
Oracle 12 

Nicholas Eustice 

Rogena Francois 

1 Morton Road 

Have my own company, Francois 

Lady in Red 
S.A.A.R.V. 9, 10, 11. 12 
Junior Achievement 10 
My Turn 11 
Winter Track 9, 10, 12 
Spring Track 9, 10, 12 
African American Club 9, 10, 11, 12 
HR Rep. 12 

Jose M. Freitas 

24 Miles Road 
Electrical Engineering 
Soccer 9 

Spring Track 11, 12 
Cross Country 12 
Winter Track 12 
S.A.A.R.V. 12 

Susana Gafanhao 

22 Michael Road 

Can't Help Falling In Love 

S.A.D.D. 11, 12 

Matthew Todd Gass 

1 Glovers Brook Road 

To walk the earth like Cain in Kung- 

Daffodil Lament 
Presidents' Council 11, 12 
national Honor Society 10, 11, 12 
Tennis 9, 10, Capt 11, 12 
HR Rep. 11, 12 
Oracte 11 

Blue and White Banner 11, 12 
Spring Track 11 

Carrie A. Goodhue 

11 Carleton Avenue 

Something's Got to Give 
Powder Puff 11, 12 

Stacey R. Green 

59 Acom Drive 

To become part of the Peanut 

Through the Years 
Powder Puff 11, 12 
HR Rep. 9, 10, 11 
The Devil 12 

Adam C. Greenstein 

8 Pearl Street 

Successful Music Educator 

Ants Marching 

Concert Band 9, 10, Band Manager 

Jazz Band 11, 12 
Chorus 10, 12 
Show Choir 10, 12 
Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12 

Shana Beth Gulko 

26 Acom Drive 
To make the world laugh 
Total Eclipse of the Heart 
Swim Team 10, 11, 12 
Theatre Guild 10, 11, 12 
Peer Leadership 9, 10, 11, 12 


Dawn Marie Gustafson 

19 Restarick Avenue 
Lauyer Prosecutor 

Christopher S. Hart 

947 north Main Street 

To be successful and happily 

Student School Committee Rep. 9. 

10. 11, 12 
Computer Room Staff 9. 10, 11, 12 
Blue and White Banner 9, General 

Editor 10, Co-Editor-in-Chief 11, 

Layout 12 
Harvard Model Congress 9, 10, 11 
School Council 11, 12 
national Honor Society 12 

Tan n K. Hamlin 

35 Pond Lane 

Religious Life/Youth Ministry 

Forever Young 

Class Sec. 9. 10. 11, 12 

Softball 9, 10, ll.Capt. 12 

Basketball 10, 11, 12 

Cross Country Capt. 12 

Oracfe Sports Editor 12 

Class float 9. 10, 11 

Presidents Council 12 

Michael J. Hazell 

5 West Alden Avenue 
To wrestle in WrestJe Mania XX 
Son of a Preachennan 
Spring Track 11, 12 
Basketball 9, 10 
Baseball 9, 10, 11. 12 
Cross Country 9, 11 
Student Council 9 

42 Acorn 

To be my own boss 
Oct It Together 
Basketball 9, 10 li 
HBTvanHlodel Congress 12 

Erin Jeannine Hutching*. 

6 Lantern Lane 
To be happy 
Precious Things 
Cheerleading 10, 11, 12 

Kris ten Marie Ifynes 

16 Canton Street 


never Keeping Secrets 

Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 

My Turn 11, 12 

James Thomas Izzo 

39 Linden Park Drive 

To own my own shop 


Class Float 9, 10, 11 

Susanna Joe 

67 Collins Avenue 
To be happy all the time 
When I Dream of You 
R.A.C.C. 9, 10, 11, 12 

Brian Karoul 

Julie A. Keane 

24 Webster Street 

To be happy 

The Rose 

Basketball 10, Capt 11, 12 

Powder Puff 12 

HR Rep. 10 

Tutor 12 

Oracle 12 

Staydian R. Kerr 

72 Grove Street 
To become a businessman 
/ Want to be Love 
Soccer 12 

Scott Patrick Killgoar 

11 Bayberry Lane 

WXU. You SOU Love Me? 

Tennis 9 

Track 10 

Theatre Guild 11, 12 

Tutor 11, 12 

Dennis If. King 

34 Sarah Street 
Glaciers of Ice 
Cross Country 12 
Winter Track 12 
Spring Track 12 



Matthew Klotz 

6 Millhouse Avenue 

To become an electrical engineer 

Weekend in Monaco 

Blue and White Banner 12 

Karen Kourafas 

26 High Street 
Physical Therapist 
natural Women 

Jessica Krivelow 

46 Birch Drive 

To always remember that every 

cloud has a silver lining 

Gymnastics 9, 10, 11, 12 
Student Council 10, 11, 12 
Powder Puff 11, 12 

Susan Joan Kuperman 

7 Desmond Road 

To pursue a career in fashion design 

As / Lay Me Down 

Cheerleading 11 

To be successful and a 

Anothei >iqht 

.ADD 9, 10, 11, 12 

Anne Lau 

3 flint Locke Road 
Hotel Management 
International Club 

William K. Leung 

19 Sunset Drive 

International business 

Caribbean Flow 

Harvard Model Congress 12 

Amnesty International 


Japanese Club 11 

Catherine Lee 

17 Reilly Drive 

Gangsta s Paradise 
R.A.C.C. 9, 10, 11, 12 
S.A.D.D. 9, 10, 11, 12 
Amnesty International 11, 12 
Math Team 11, 12 
Oracle 12 

Daniel Ari Levy 

31 Anderson Drive 

To find nirvana 

Black Dog 

V.P. 10, 11, 12 

Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12 

national Honor Society 10, 11, 12 

Venessa Lauren Lewis 

9 Shirley Terrace 

Criminal Attorney 

Can't You See 

Spring Track 9 

African American Club 12 

S.A.D.D. 12 

My Turn 11 

Jin Mao (Ricky) Lin 

50 Jasper Lane 

Math Team 11, 12 

national Honor Society 11, 12 

R.A.C.C. 11, 12 

S.A.D.D. 12 

Jin Tao (Justin) Lin 

50 Jasper Lane 

Famous Engineer 

Massachusetts State Math Team 11, 

Math Team 11, 12 
national Honor Society 11, 12 
R.A.C.C. 11, 12 
S.A.D.D. 12 
Amnesty International 12 

Khanh 1*1. Luong 

183 High Street 
To marry a rich woman 
All That She Wants 
Tennis 9, 10, Capt. 11, 12 
Basketball 9 
Cross Country 10 
R.A.C.C. 9, 10, 11 
International Club 9 
Treasurer 11, 12 


David H. Lurie 

23 Flint Locke Road 

Performing Arts 

The human Heart 

Theatre Guild 9, 10, 11, 12 

Jazz Band 10, 11 

Show Choir 11, 12 

national Honor Society 10, 11, 


Josh C. Lynch 

316 Union Street 
Tell Me 

Paul Edward NacGregor 

172 Canton Street 

To coach a professional sports team 


Soccer 10, 11, Capt. 12 

Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 

Tennis 10, 11, 12 

Presidents' Council 11, 12 


Carlo Maignan 

Kate Leann Manning 

304 Canton Street 
. To find the pirate treasure 
Blister In the Sun 
Softball 9, 10. 11, CapL 12 
Basketball 9 
Powder Puff 11, 12 


Venessa Grace Manzano 

14 Maple Road 

Physical Therapist 

Lady In Ked 

National Honor Society 10, 11. 12 

1LA.C.C. 9, 10, 11, 12 

S.A.D.D. 9. 10, 11, 12 

S.A^.R.V. 9, 10, 11 

Oracle 12 

Tutor 9, 10, 11 

Gary Scott Maple 

36 Stevens Terrace 

To become a scientist and make 

Lightning Crashes 
Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 
National Honor Society 10, 11, 12 
Math Team 9, 10, 11, 12 
Oracle 11, Sports Editor 12 
Basketball Manager 9, li, 12 


Marguerite Mars 

Dan Owen McGuire 

15 Joyce Circle 

Mechanical Engineer 

Me Ti Yer Girt 

Student Council 9, 10, 11. 12 

Cross Country 9, 10, 11, 12 

Winter Track 9, 10, 12 

Spring Track 9, 12 


Tutor 10 a* 

Justin MetneraU 

John Mlcele 

>arissa Mohammed 

Joseph Charles Monteforte 

1 Edd> Street 

Zamboni Driver 

The End 

football 9, 10, 11. Capt. 12 

Danielle Marie Mo 


1270 South Street, Bridgewater 

To always have fun 
Kashmir mm 
Powder Puff 11, 12 
Cheerleading 10 

Debra Ann Nagle 

10 Darrell Drive 

To keep the friendships I've made in 

high school 
III Stand by You 
Swim Team 9, 10 
BasketbaJl 9, 10, 11, 12 
Softball 9, 10, 11, 12 
national Honor Society 10, 11, 12 
MR Rep. 9, 10, 11, 12 

Ricky C. Ng 

61 Boybton Street 

To be successful and happy in the 

Run Away 

Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12 
Winter Track 9. 10. 12 
Spring Track 9, 10, 11, 12 
R.A.C.C. 12 

Long Thang >guyen 

4 Oakwood Avenue 
Football 10, 11, 12 

Chad Adam O'Connor 

309 Canton Street 

To make twice what Bill Gates earns 


Orade 11, Literary Editor 12 

national Honor Society 11. 

Treasurer 12 
Student Council 11, 12 
HR Rep. 11 

Harvard Model Congress 12 
Class Float 9, 10, 11 
Presidents' Council 12 

Eric O'Connor 

Kristen Ann ODonnell 

51 Cole Terrace 

To keep smiling 

rou Are So Beautiful to Me 

Student Council 9, Exec 10, V.F. 

11. Pres. 12 
Cheerleading 11, CapL 12 
Peer Leadership 11, 12 
Oracle 12 
HR Rep. 12 
Powder Puff 11, 12 
Swim Team 9, 10 

Brian Joseph O'Leary 

10 Bossi Avenue 
To be happy and successful 
Wish You Were Here 
Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12 
Hockey 9, 10, 11, CapL 12 


Marc Oeil 

57 Reed Street 

Military Service 

Amnesty International 11, 12 

S.A.D.D. 10, 12 

Project Teamwork 12 

Peer Leadership 12 

Danielle F. O'Neill 

5 Ballard Street 

To always have fun wherever I go 

Ward to Say I'm Sorry 

Oracle 12 

Powder Puff 11, 12 

S.A.D.D. 11, 12 

Matthew Michael Ostiguy 

138 Old Street 

Take Warning 

Harvard Model Congress 9, 10, 11, 

Q.B.S.A.C. 12 

Student Council Exec. Board 12 
Oracle 12 

School Council 11, 12 
Academic Bowl 9 
Official Soccer Hooligan 12 

Kenneth Partosan 

Darshana Ramesh Patel 



43 Highland Ave. 


Come Undone 

Amnesty International 10. 11, 

newspaper Club 9, 10. 11, 12 
Student Council 9, 10, 11 
S.A.DD 10. 11, 12 
Cross Country 1 1 
national Honor Society 10, 1 1, 


Brad M. Peri 

6 Lambert Road 

To get my license and to go to 

Wrestling 9, 10, 11, CapL 12 


Tracy Fham 

3 Barry Street 


Amnesty International 9, 10, 11, 12 

R.A.C.C. 9, 10, 11, 12 

International Club 9 

S.A.D.D. 10, 11, 12 

Peer Leadership 11, 12 

Community Service 9 

S.A.A.R.V. 10, 11 

Ester PhJlistin 

3 Garden Terrace 

Child Psychologist 

/ Can rail In Love 

Spring Track 11, 12 

African American Club 9, 10, 11, 12 

Alyssa Erin Pockell 

15 Lambert Road 



Chi Bun (Alex) Poon 

18 Ralph Stubbs Road 

Richest Engineer 


national Honor Society 10, 11, 12 

Oracle Assistant Editor 12 

Math Team 9, 10, 11, 12 

Soccer 9, 10, 11 

R.A.C.C. 9, 10, 11, 12 

S.A.D.D. 12 

Computer Club 12 

International Club 9, 10 

Danyelle N. Porter 

329 Chestnut West 

To sleep all day and take advantage 

of life 
Make It Last Forever 

Eric Portnoy 

Adina Sonia Potischman 

40 Linden Park Drive 
World's Most-loved Tyrant 
Sample in a Jar 
Color Guard 10, 11 
S.A.D.D. 9, 10 
Oracle 12 
MR Rep. 9 
Theatre Guild 9 

Sophia F. Powell 

Registered nurse 
Same Atone 

Douglas E. Frag 

7 Corcoran Street 


Winter Track 9, 10, 11, 12 

Spring Track 9, 10, 11, 12 

Soccer 12 

Holly Margaret Price 

30 Soren Street 
To be a theatre major 
Theatre Quild 11, 12 
Chorus 12 
Environmental Club 11 

Caroline E. Richardson 

48 Country Club Drive 


Peer Leadership 10, 11, 12 

Glna Safclllares 

37 Qlovers Brook Road 

To be successful in everything I 

Anything I Do (I Do It For You) 
Theatre Qufld 9, 12 
Environmental Club 11 
Spring Track 12 

Erik Thomas Saganic 

8 Rand Street 

To become a farming Taoist in the 

Far East 
The Millionaire's Holiday 
Japanese Club 11 
Jazz Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Combo 9, 

Student Council 12 
national Honor Society 11, 12 
Oracle Production Editor 12 
Harvard Model Congress 10 

Howard Steven Rubin 

30 Blakely Circle 
To live in Ghana 
Last Dead Mouse 
Japanese Club 11 
Jazz Band 9, 10, 11, 12 
Academic Bowl 9 

Jhosendy Saintus 

47 Highland Avenue 
Tell Me 
Football 9 


Jonathan Scott Salvi 

68 Adeliade Street 

To be announcing a Duke Blue 

Devil Basketball game for ESPH 
Football 9, 10, 11 
Winter Track 10, 11 

Bryan William Sandler 

7 Marconi Drive 

To wrestle in Wrestle Mania XX 

Get it Together 

Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 

Football 9 

Harvard Model Congress 12 

Julie Mope Sandier 

6 Pictun Road 

To earn a degree in theatre and 

work on a Broadway production 
IVorto in Fascination 
Chorus 12 

Environmental Club, Co-Pres. 11, 12 
Theatre Guild 11, 12 

Yolanda Santos 

Aydrien Lee Schroer 

34 Pauline Street 

Continue my education, get a high 

payingjob I love, and raise a big 

Soccer 10, 11, 12 
Track 10, 12 
Powder Puff 11, 12 

Jay Segal 

36 DeLorenzo Drive 

To become a Biomedical Engineer 


Wrestling 10 

Harvard Model Congress 11, 12 

Frank Wayne Showstack 

E2 Franklin Square 


I Wish 

Football 9 

Marching Band 10, 11 


Michael Sidebottom 


Natalie L. Simmons 

72 Bittersweet Lane 

To become a lawyer/psychologist 

/ Won f Complain 

Amnesty International 12 

Basketball 12 

Ashish K. Singhvi 

76 Mark Terrace 

Computer Science 


national Honor Society 11, 12 

Student Council 11, 12 

Tutor 10, 11, 12 

Amnesty International 11, 12 

R.A.C.C. 11 

Community Service 1 1 

Blue and YVhite Banner 12 

Deborah Rivka Stein 

35 Linden Park Drive 

To Walk On the Moon 

Ei<erybody Hurts 

Swim Team 9, 10. 11, 12 

Harvard Model Congress 9, 10, 11, 

Head Delegate 12 
national Honor Society 10, 11, 12 
Orade Editor-in-Chief 12 
Math Team 9, 10, 11 
S.A.D.D. 9, 10, 11 
Peer Leadership 10, 11 

Daphney St. Louis 

20 Emii> Jeffers Road 

To be successful in everything I do 

N o Women Don 't Cry 

Football 11 

Spring Track 12 

Denise Marie Tenon 

29 Liberty Street 
Air Traffic Controller 

Natalie Chantale Transtamar 

546 South Street 
Knocking Da Boots 
Student Council 9, 10 
HRRep. 11, 12 
S.A.A.R.V. 12 
International Club 9 
My Turn 11, 12 
Spring Track 12 
French Club 9 

Jason M. Triger 

8 Qarren Terrace 

To become a sports announcer 

Highway To Hell 

Hockey 9 

Timothy Trull 

Tia-Lynnikah Tull 

96 Webster Street 
Someone To Love 
Basketball 9, 10, 11, Capt 
African American Club 12 

asilios Vantsouris 

David Andrew Viera 

6 Ledge Hill Street 
Roots Radicals 
Spring Track 9, 10, 11, 12 
Winter Track 11, 12 
Treasurer 9, 10 
Student Council 9, 10 
Class Float 9, 10, 11 

Marc P. Visnick 

47 West Street 

T.V. Producer and to be wealthy 

and happy 
My Endless Love 

Carolyn Walsh 

9 Marconi Drive 

To Make That Change 

Man in the Mirror 

Swim Team 9, 10, Capt 11, 12 

Basketball 9, 10, 11, Capt. 12 

Softball 9, 10, 11 

Presidents' Council 11, 12 

Oracle 11, 12 

HR Rep. 12 

Powder Puff 12 

ichelle Edwidge Weche 

50 Anderson Drive 


Groove Me 

African American Club 

Matthew Weinberg 

Cynthia Marie Welch 

52A Cottage Street 

Pediatric surgeon 

You Got It 

national Honor Society 10, 11, 

Pres. 12 
Harvard Model Congress 9, 1C 


Softball 9, 10, 12 
Cross Country 11 
Amnesty International 10, 11, 12 
newspaper 10, 11, 12 
Student School Committee 11, 12 

Emron William 


Cindy K. Wong 

10 Glovers Brook Road 

To have a joyous and fulfilled future 

Rioi Around 

Swim Team 9, 10, 11 

S.A.D.D. 9, 10. 11. 12 

national Honor Society 11, 12 

Darren C. Wong 

10 John Hanagan Road 

To live happily and successfully 

Tootsie Roll 

Spring Track 9, 10, 12 

R.A.C.C. 9, 10, 11 

Ka-Chung (Calvin) Wong 

Stella C. Wong 

To be happy 

/ Can Love You Like That 

R.A.C.C. 11, 12 

Keith Edward Wortzman 

5 Emily Jeffers Road 

To be successful in everything I do 

in life 
Ever Changing Times 
My Turn 11 
newspaper 11, Business/ Advertising 

Manager 12 
Peer Leadership 12 

Cynthia Yang 

33 Rockefeller Street 


The Rose 

national Honor Society 10, 11, Sec. 

S.A.D.D. 9, 10, 11, Pres. 12 
R.A.C.C. 9, 10, 11, 12 
Amnesty International 11, 12 
Math Team 11, 12 
International Club 9, 10 

Kelly A. Mahoney 

Jenna Marisa Sandler 

22 Marion Street 

To always have fun 

Take Another Piece of My Heart 

Student Council 9 


c @Uax/ Smio^hjecw 


'enior year was filled with activities which start- 
ed in August 1995. More students participated in the 
many extra-curricular offerings of Randolph Jun- 
ior/Senior High School than ever before since the 
user fees were eliminated. 

As seniors we experienced special privileges, in- 
cluding breakfasts at Bagel Land, coffee at Friendly's, 
and stuffed crust at Pizza Hut. For many of us, early 
morning sprints to homeroom were forever ended, 
while the underclassmen were engrossed in Channel 
One. It was about this time when- the Senioritis 
epidemic began to spread. 

Proms, yearbooks, and caps and gowns dominated 
the conversations and added to the excitement of this 
final year of high school. College essays, applications, 
financial aid forms and waiting for college accept- 
ances added to the frenzy, but made 1996 so special 
forever to the Class of 1996. 

The pages of the / 996 Oracles chronicle much of 
the activity of our class. Memories fill in the rest. 

We celebrate our accomplishments as a class and 
look forward to the future. 

We regret that the following seniors were not pictured in the senior pages: Zulfikar Alii, Jason Arneaud, Michael Batson, Michelle Casey, 
Joseph Centeio, Lincoln Centeio, Ryan Collins, Kory Cordaro, Brian Donovan, Jennifer Galina, Hatim Jean-Louis, Sophia Lafleur, Ruth 
Lara, Daniel Lind, Yu-Juan Ly, Lori-Ann McCarthy, Kevin McKay, Farah Nazie, Richard Perez, Albert Picrucci, Eric Pomerleau, Mai 
Quach, Trevor Ranee, John Rich, Renato Rodriguez, Rene Sandoval, Jennifer Santosuosso, John Sass, Solomon Stokes, Arthur Tempesta, 
Jami Traver, Yaritza Vasquez, Marisol Vidal, Stephanie Yip. 

An Editorial Note 

Every attempt was made to represent all members of the Class of '96, the faculty, staff, and administration. 
We regret any discrepencies which might be noted. We believe that the 96 Oracle is as accurate as possibly 

within the timeframes of our deadlines. 

One Liners 

Best Wishes To The Class Of '96. We Leave Together. — Ron Lovett 
Our best wishes to the Class of '96! Congratulations and keep up the good work! Diane and 

Bob Gass 
Congratulations, Matthew on your graduation. Best of Luck. Love, Mom, Dad, Jonathan 
Congratulations, Danielle. You did a great job. Keep up the good work at KL State. Love, 

Mom and Dad 
Congratulations Danielle. You made it and now you're leaving me for KL State! Good Luck 

in the future! Love, Alyssa 
Congratulations! You've made us proud. Keep up the good work. Good Luck! Love Mom 

and Dad 
Gary, CONGRATS! Good luck in the future. I'LL MISS YOU NEXT YEAR!!! Love always, 

Gary - Congratulations on a job well done. We're proud of you. Love, Amma Dianne and 

Papa Joe 
Gary - You've made us proud. Congratulations on your graduation. Love Amma Enie and 

Papa Sonny 

Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1996. Rhona, Mike, and Tracy Maple 

To Marci: Congratulations to our favorite graduate! We love you! Mom, Dad and Stacey 

Congratulations and Best Wishes for the future. We are very proud of you! Love, Mom, 

Dad, Colleen, Caitlin, & Meghan 

Congratulations Class of '96! Mr. Tuite 

SUNSHINE, CONGRATULATIONS! I am very proud of you. Keep smiing, singing and 

dancing. Success and happiness await!!! 
Taryn: While others waited at the dock for their ships to come in . . . you rowed out and 

met yours.Dad and Mom 
Carolyn, Congratulations! We are very proud of you. Happiness and good luck in college. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Danny, and Kevin 

Congratulations to Big Daddy and all your friends. Love, Ma, Dad, Roger, and Catie 

Mrs. Chui extends her best wishes to the diligent Oracle staff and the graduates of the Class 

of '96. 





Most Athletic 

Kate Manning. Matt Berryman, and Taryn Hamlin 

Most Ambitious 

Chad O'Connor and Cindy Welch 


Most Talkative 

and Most Comical 

Most Considerate 


Hatim Jean-Louis and Jessica Krivelow 

Brian Sandler and Julie Keene 

Most Versatile 

Most Dramatic 

David Lurie and 



Most Artistic 

Chris Bronski 

and Karen 

Dan I^vy, Tim Trull, and Taryn Hamlin 

Most Likely to Succeed 

Dan Levy and Darshana Patel 


Frank Showstack and Sharon DeOssie 

Most Musical 

Jason Brenner and Jodi Cole 

Most Scholarly 

Most Likely to Join 
the Peace Corp s 

Nilesh Agarwalla and Darshana Patel 

Karen Cassidy and Matt Ostlguy 

Did the Most for the Class 

Tarvr. Hamlin and Tim Trull never seemed to leave the building. 




Niglesh Agarwalla 


Chad O'Connor 


Poetic Views 

A cold, clear night ; conducive to sight 
I awoke from my sleep with a start 
drawn to the window by Diane's soft light. 
I witnessed a vision that set still my heart- 
Luna on high illuminating the sky 
Shone on row after row of suburban dreams 
each white picket fence no coincidence 
shown uniform by the moonbeams. 

Each soul was trapped, attention held rapt 
by the promise of peace, every one 
with briefcase and shackles in hand 
they march to the tune of one band,, 
shades on to ignore the light the sun. 
They troop off to work, to duty, to death 
with every last living obedient breath 
singing and praising their iron - clad lives 
kissing goodbye two - dimensional wives! 
In that pocket of peace between cradle and grave 
A perpetual purgatory of souls in a cell 
I'll never stop looking for some sort of key 
for those manicured manacles between heaven and hell. 

Christopher Bronski 

The road never traveled 

The words never said 

The games never played 

The prayers before bed 

The "what if' about life that keeps us hanging on 

The "so what ifs" about people wedon't realize until they're 


The "if dids" wish we could get back 

The things I would change that I know everyone lacks 

The road never paved 

The words in your head 

The games never won 

The nightmares in bed 

When your thoughts die out 

And your feelings killed 

When your love is murdered 

And your soul filled 

The road never traveled 

The words never said 

The games never played 

The prayers before bed 

Shana Beth Gulko 



It is with great pride that the 1 996 Oracle dedicates this issue of the yearbook to Mr. Arthur A. 
Melia, Superintendent of Schools. Mr. Melia has devoted his life to the Town of Randolph, first 
as an active member of the Class of 1963, and later as a teacher, administrator, and assistant 
superintendent. Recently the press has been filled with articles depicting Mr. Melia as a hero, not 
only on the battlefield, but in his daily life. We know that we are fortunate in the selection of 
Mr. Melia to lead our school system into the twenty-first century. 


messos manty 

people to consider when dedicating a yearbook. Teachers and advisors weave their influences through our 
memories, sometimes leaving more impressions than ever imagined. We, too, remember them as part of the 
kaleidoscope of our experiences. 

Some members of the faculty are leaving Randolph Junior/Senior High School as we part. Retiring this 
year are Mrs. Carol Roht and Mr. Joseph Costa, teachers of reading, Mrs. Ellie Olsen, Guidance Counselor, 
Mr. Ronald Lovett, Director of Culture and Society, and Dr. Lyn A. Huttunen, Superintendent of Schools. 



Class Officers 

Khanh Luong,Treas.; Dan Levy, VP;Taryn Hamlin,Sec.; Tim Trull, Pres. 

Chrissy Olivenza, Sec.; Stacey Levine, VP; Mary Collins, Pres.; Juliet Menezes, Treas. 

Kyla Perfetuo, Treas.; Pat Fruzetti,VP; Audie Cornish, Pres.; Jenn Capasso, Sec 

Agapi Korosidis, Treas.; Joanne Moy, Sec.; Diana McGuirk, Pres.; Ceiicia Chaung, VP 


National Honor Society 

The Joseph W. Daly' 
'Chapter of the National 1 
Honor Society has been hold- 
ing firm to the standards of 
scholarship, character, lead- 
ership and service. As a 
group of 40 members, they 
will, by the end of the year 
have completed many proj- 
ects including the Entertain- 
ment Book fundraiser and a 
can drive. The Honor Society 
hopes to see their recycling 
and elderly service projects 
continued by future classes. 
Thanks to Cynthia Welch, 
Corinna Russell, Chad 
O'Connor, Cynthia Yang 
and Darshana Patel for their 
.continued service this year. 

Back Row (L to R): M. Au-Yeung, A. Singhvi, N. Agarwalla, G. Maple, C. O'Connor, D. 
Levy, C. Russell, D. Gately, N. Gull, M. Gass, C. Yang. Middle Row: K. Truong, J. Capasso, 
K. Capasso, K. Perfetuo, J. Lampert, A. Rosa, C. Wong, E. Lee. Front Row: W. Leung, J. 
Cole, M. Doniger, V. Manzano, C. Welch, D. Patel, D. Stein, A. Poon. 

Harvard Model Congress 

Randolph sent sixteen dele- 
gates to Harvard Model Con- 
gress. They were lead by Head 
Delegates Matthew Ostiguy and 
Deborah Stein. These future 
politicians played roles such as 
Representatives, Senators, and 
Constitutional Conventioners. 
They drafted legislation, amend- 
ed the Constitution, and rejected 
bills, while trying to override the 
President's veto power and pass- 
ing bills to outlaw Marinara 
Sauce. Jon Abbett and Cindy 
Welch took home Honorable 
Mention Awards for their con- 
tributions to their respective 
committees, and Head Delegates 
Matt Ostiguy and Debbie Stein 
each received Outstanding 
evement Awards for their 

Back Row (L to R): C. O'Connor, C. Welch, W. Leung, D. Stein, K. Cassidy, B. Sandler. Front Row: D. 
Gulko, D. Stein, C. Choi, J. Abbett. Not shown: M. Ostiguy, S. Hipsman, J. May, J. Segal, M. Raymond 


School Store 


The School Store provides stu- 
dents with an environment for 
taking on responsibilities and 
learning teamwork. Store work- 
ers and the club advisor, Mr. 
Christopher, work in the store 
both during and after school. 
Profits are used towards scho- 
larships for graduating seniors. 

(L to R): Johnny, C. Choi, P. Chin, J. Au-Yeung, J. Abbott. 

Student Council 

Top Row (L to R): P. Mazzeo, C. Choi, M. Collins. Second Row: K. Pal Gregoire. T. Dobbins, S. Pacheco, M. McRae, S. 

Levine, A. Leroux- Lindsey, A. Bryant, B. Jacobs. Third Row, D. McGuire, J. Capasso, K. Mulligan, R. Cohen, J. Rondon, J. 
Menezes, R. Patel. Fourth Row: D. Cohne. D. Levy, K. Capasso, T. Trull, A. Cornish, J. Krivelow, M. Doniger, P. Fruzetti, C. 
Fields. Bottom Row: G. Powell (Advison, K. Sullivan (V.P.), K. O'Donnell (Pres.), L. Packard (Sec.), £. Christian (Treas.j, E. 
Dziergowski(Sec.). Not Shown: C. O'Connor, M. Ostiguy. 



Top Row (L to R): D. Gulko, S. Killgoar, C. Welch, P. Chin, M. Au-Yeung, A. Singhvi, J. Lin, 

A. Poon, A. Moy, S. Bass. Front Row: A. Bryan, K. Schwartz, C. Choi, C. Lee, V. Manzano, 

B. Poon, E. Lee, R. Lin, N. Greenstein. 

Environmental Club 

The Environmental 
Club pursues an un- 
derstanding of the 
environment and 
the need to protect 
it. Under the direc- 
tion of Ms. Ellis, the 
members of this 
group are active in 
Randolph Jr./ Sr. 

(L to R): S. Colder, S. Sandler, M. Hutchings, S. Ellis (Advisor), A. O'Meara, H. Lo. 

The Blue & White Banner 

Back Row: M. Jhaveri, J. Cummins, P. Chin, N. Agarwalla, J. Feldman, K. Wortzman, M. Au-Yeung, 
N. GuU, C. Luke. Front Row: C. Welch, C. Hart, K. Cassidy, D. Patel. Seniors Not Shown: M. Klotz, 
A. Singhvi, J. Cole, A. Poon. 

The Blue and White Ban- 
ner is the official school 
newspaper. Its goal is to 
make the public aware of 
what is happening in our 
school. All the articles are 
written by students and 
the paper's staff is also 
entirely made up of stu- 
dents. The Blue and Whi- 
te Banner was periodically 
published as a supplemen- 
tary section of the Ran- 
dolph Mariner and served 
as good publicity for our 

Peer Leaders 

Back Row (L to R): J. Warren, N. Lever, B. Daily. Second Row: A. Robson, R. Cohen, P. Fruzetti, C. 
Fields. Third Row: K. Sullivan, B. Dziergowski, T. Trull, K. Wortzman, M. Dasse, M. Menovich. 
Fourth Row: K. Perfetuo, K. Capasso, D. Prag, C. Yang, D. Levy. Bottom Row: L. Packard, K. 
O'Donnell, M. E>oniger, T. Pham. 


Randolph Asian Culture Club 

The Randolph Asian Culture 
Club was founded to pro- 
mote the Asian culture and 
its diverse traditions. 
R.A.C.C. arranges activities 
for students to increase their 
cultural awareness and have 
fun. Among the interesting 
events during the winter is 
the Asian New Year celebra- 
tion. Music, Art, martial 
arts, lion dance, and won- 
derful food mark this annual 
festive occasion which in- 
volves students, faculty, and 
members of the community. 

Back Row:|L to R|J. Pena, E. Wong, B. Wong, L. Lo, M. Wong, M. Woo, L. Luong, R. Ng, J. Ng, K. Lam, 
T. Nguyen, E. Ho, C. Cheung, S. Kuang, M. Lau, S. Wong, R. Abido, J. Chan. Third Row: D. Ly, S. Chu, 
T. Pham, D. Wong, J. Chan, W. Leung, H. Chan, E. Lau. Second Row: W. Chu, B. Harrison, W. Wong, E. 
Lee, B. Poon, M. Wong, J. Lin, G. Ng, B. Manzano, W. Chan, A. Mui, C. Lee. Front Row: Mrs. Sung 
(Advisor), A. Wong, C. Chan, H. Tong, C. Yang, C. Hui, C. Lee, C. Wong, A. Poon, R. Lin, N. Gull, K. 

Math Team 

The Randolph Math 
Team, advised by Mr. 
Turner and Ms. 
DiMascio, continues in 
its winning ways. They 
capped off a successful 
1995-96 season by 
finishing FIRST in the 
League. The team 
qualified for the state 
meet last year, and are 
triumphant in the 
Massachusetts Math 
League. This marks a 
fifth consecutive year as 
qualifiers for the state 

Back Row: (L to R) C. Luke, J. Chen, D. Maulik, J. Lin, E. Christian, N. Agarwalla, G. Maple, A. Poon, P. 
Chin, R. Lin. Front Row: H. Tong, C. Yang, C. Hui, M. Wong, C. Lee. 



Back row: C. Luke, R. Patel, K. Lam, C. Desai, D. Patel, N. Patel, J. Boyce, R. Lin, N. Agarwalla. Middle Row: L. Truong, C. 
Truong, S. Miller, K. Ling, W. Leung, B. Poon, C. Yang, C. Lee, A. Poon. Front Row: C. Woo, P. Chin, S. Yip, P. Nguyen, C. 
Lee, D. Patel, C. Welch, C. Choi-Stanley, C. Wong, J. Lin. 

The heart of RJSHS is the 
educational experience of 
each student. Peer tutors 
volunteer their time dur- 
ing the day and after 
school to help others 
reach higher goals and en- 
joy academic success in all 
academic areas. As stu- 
dents improve, tutors 
deepen their own under- 
standing of the learning 
process and know the joy 
teachers feel when their 
students succeed! 

S. A. D. D. 

"As members of Randolpr 
students Against Driving Drunfi 
organization, students pursue 
one major goal: to spread 
throughout the community an 
awareness of the dangers of 
drunk driving. Regular SADD 
programs include Substance 
Abuse Awareness Day and Op- 
eration Prom Night. The phi- 
losophy of SADD is that if one 
person gets the message, if only 
one person stops someone from 
driving drunk, then it is worth 
all of the work. Students are 
empowered by this message, 
and know that it is worth the 
effort to save a life. 

Back Row: (L to R) H. Ho, C. Hui, B. Manzano, H. Tong, M. Dasse, C. Choi, B. Poon, A. Klotz. Middle Row: S. Dever, B. 
Wong, C. Wong, E. Lee, R. Lin, J. Lin, A. Poon, M. Wong, N. Wong. Front Row: S. Gafanhao, D. Patel, C. Yang, V. Manzano, 
T. Pham. 


African-American Club 

The African-American Club 
at RJSHS is a group of 
young students sharing one 
common motive: to make 
RJSHS aware of diversity. 
This year in the club, mem- 
bers made steps in trying to 
accomplish their objective 
of exemplifying the black 
community and culture. 
Randolph JSHS is proud to 
have such conscientious 
young adults. 

Back row (L to R): E. Philistin, T. Calder, D. Forde, M. Dasse 
Front: V. Lewis, L. Wood, R. Francois 

School. Under the 
leadership of Mrs. 
Jennifer Tantillo, the 
club endeavors to 
spread the GOOD 
NEWS of the RJSHS 

Publicity Club 

Mrs. TantJUo's new group of public relations activists. 



The Aesthetic Restora-^ 
tion Team (A.R.T.) is 
made up of a group of 
talented students work- 
ing to improve the ap- 
pearance of our school. 
The students give up 
much of their time and 
vacations to create dec- 
orative improvements to 
the halls and walls. 
Their hard work shows 
every day as we enjoy 
the bright and investing, 

Members: C Fields, J. Raymond, A. Leroux-Lindsey, K. Truong, H. Ho, B. DiFranza, D. McGuirk, C Lee, C Stanley, D. 
Oksman, M. DiBenedetto, D. LaCivita, C Hannigan, R. Ellis, J. Kalikof, B. Jacobs, D. LaCivita, N. Greenstein, E. Munroe, Tom 
Geary, J. Luke. Co-Ordinator: Mrs. Sharon Ellis. 

>AAR is about mediating anc 
trying to better our school 
community by giving our all. 
Composed of a group of stu- 
dents who would like to me- 
diate the violence and racism 
that occurs in our commu- 
nity and among the students, 
the members are trying to 
prevent problems that teens 
face in the community. 

Students' Alliance Against Racism 

Back Row: N. Simmons, D. Forde, V. Lewis, J. Hayes, L. Wood, N. Transtamar, K. Luong, T. Burke, S. Brenner. Middle 
Row: K. Hynes, C. Patel, R. Troupe, E. Ojastro, T. Calder, K. LauL Front Row: H. Jean-Louis, E. Philistin, C Olivenza, T. 

Isom , T. Foster, R. Francois, M. Dasse, N. Pally. 



My Turn 

Back; J. Quinerly, N. Simmons, 

Middle: D. Forde, T. Tull, C. Challenger, E. Philistin, H. Jean-Louis 

Front: K.Hynes, J. Filles, B. Little, G. Sakillares, V. Lewis 

MY TURN, an acronym 
for Massachusetts Youth 
Teenage Unemployment Re- 
duction Network, is a class at 
RJSHS that helps provide se- 
lected students with emotion- 
al support, knowledge, skills 
and self-esteem, while help- 
ing them find jobs. 

Select Chorus is made up 
of music students who 
compete for the opportu- 
nity to add to the harmo- 
nious presentation of mu- 
sical composition. Most of 
these singers go on to 
compete for seats in SEM- 
SBA and District. Some 
even go on to All -State. 

Select Chorus 

Bade H. Price, J. Sandler, J. Moy, L. Nankin, D. Lurie, C. Walker, R. Ellis, A. Greenstein, C. Hannigan, J. Brenner, J. Trager, A. 
O'Meara, E.Phililstin, Third: T. Tull, L. James, I. Kavaneskaya, R. Joiner, J. Vega, P. Desrose, R. Graham, K. Levinson, A. 
Leroux Lindsey, Q. Ortiz, R. Patel, J. Wehle, J. KarsinSecond: V. Carter, K. Campbell, N. Lamothe, S. Brenner, M. Dubois, L 
O'Malley, V. Kuipers, J. Cole, S. SandlerFront: K. Diamond, K. Schwartz, K. Laut, B. Sharnitski, D. Oksman, M. Menovich, A. 
Carter, S. DaSilva, S. Sandler 


Concert Band 

Attending daily 
sessions, this diligent 
ensemble learned to 
distribute their emo- 
tion throughout the 
musical score. Wid- 
ening their horizons, 
they were or- 
chestrated in numer- 
ous genres. 

Back Row (L to R): F. Showstack, H. Rubin, J. Brenner, D. Oksman, N. LaMothe, K. Wilczinski, J. Lang, D. Shoenig, D. Lurie, 
K. Laut, Mr. Berry (Director). Middle Row: S. Brenner, D. Williams, M. Jackson, B. Charnitsky, B. Webb, M. Menovkh, A. 
Carter, R. Ellis, A. Cornish, P. Lang, A. Greenstein. Front Row: C. Lewis, J. Cole, M. Lau, K. Linsky, J. Wilkins, S. Shoane, E. 
Wass, M. Glitz, K. Nomes, K. Campbell, B. Benoit, V. Carter. 

General Chorus 

General chorus is com- 
prised of students will- 
ing to share their vocal 
prowess. Together 
they enjoy singing and 
harmonizing to all 
types of music under 
the leadership of Mrs. 

Back Row (L to R): H. Price, J. Sandler, L. Chamberlain, J. Moy, M. Collins, L. Nankin, D. Lurie. C. Walker, R. Ellis, A. 
Greenstien, G. Geauteau, C. Hannigan, J. Brenner, L. Gorman, E. Abel, Q. Ortiz, K. Graziano, J. Trager, A. O'Meara, J. Baldi, 
E. Philistin. Third Row: J. Orpen, T. Tull, L. James, I. Kavaneskaya, J. Vega, P. Desrose, R. Graham, K. Levinson, A. Leroux- 
Lindsey, J. Boyce, C. Stanley, V. Kuipers, L O'Mally, M. Clements, J. Karson, S. Sandler, S. Sandler. Second Row: R. Pazyra, C. 
Vu, K. Whele, K. Diamond, E. Pockell, I. Aronson, F. Gallagher, N. Greenstein, A. Hunter, M. DuBois, J. Glaskin, R. Patel, J. 
Whele, S. DaSilva, J. Boothby, M. Foley. First Row: N. LaMothe, K. Schwartz, K. Campbell, K. Laut, K. Durand, R. Joyner, B. 
Charnitsky, D. Oksman, M. Menovich, S Brenner, S. Doniger, J. Cole, C. Chaung, A. Carter. 


Show Choir 

The RJSHS Show 
Choir is a singing and 
dancing ensemble fea- 
turing serious students 
who enjoy per- 
formance. This group 
of talented individuals 
attend competitions, 
both within and out- 
side the state. They al- 
so perform for others 
in non-competitive ses- 
sions. As the Show 
Choir performs, the Pit 
Band accompanies 
them in the creation of 
entertaining music. 

Back : F. Gallagher, D. Brenner, S. Klotz, R. Ellis, N. Greenstein, S. Brenner 

Mid row: M. Menovich, E. Pockell, D. Oksman, N. Lamothe, S. Doniger, C. Chaung 

Front: A. Greenstein, J. Cole, D. Lurie, M. Doniger, J. Brenner 



■ ■ 



Marching Band 

Back: M. Menovich, N. lamothe, , C. Laut, R. Ellis, 
Middle: Mr. Berry, A. Carter, J. Cole, A. Cornish, N. Pally, E. Wass , V. Carter, K. Schwartz 

Front: A. Greenstein, S. Brenner, 



Karen Cassidy as Oedipus Rex 

Julie Sandler and Connie Lee 

Demetra Chornovas points the way. 

Behind the set of Oedipus Rex 

Vanessa May and Dave Lurie 

^^^^Hr . 1 

m ^, ^^y^ 



A solemn momei 

Revelations in Oedipus Rex 


A scene from The Private Life of the Master Race 

Marci MacGregor, Amy Warner, Dave Lurie, Adina Potishman 

Rachel Boyden, Demetra Chornovas, Vanessa May 

Back: N. Patel, K. Duran, E. Weiss, E. Radziewicz, D. Stewart, J. Whele, M. Wolfe, j. Karsin, J. Boyce, S. 
Sandler 3rd: M. Jharari, K. Whele, S. Golder, D. Oksman, KT. Degany, C. Lee, N. Pally, E. Wass, R. Ellis 2nd: 
Z. Schwartz, E. Pockell, F. Gallagher, N. Lamothe, J. Abbott, M. Menovich, J. Sandals First: S. Dever, S. 
3ulko, K. Cassidy, D. Lurie, J. Sandler, M. Burke, H. Price 

theatre. Each pro- 
duction demands 
rigorous attention 
to auditioning, set 
designing and con- 
struction, painting, 
lighting, stage man- 
aging, and perform- 



Jazz Band 

The legends and the elite 


M t*\ * M Br 3 ( A 



Not just another group of Wartorn Refugees 



E. Saganic, Production; C. O'Connor, Literary Ed,; D. Stein, Chief; J. Cole, Business; G. Maple, Sports; A. 
Poon, Asst. Ed.; not picturedt: T. Hamlin, Co-Sports Editor and M. Ostiguy, multimedia specialist 


Aisha Davis 

Mike Hazell 

Marci Doniger 

Changing Views 

Artie Tempesta 

er, Taryn Hamlin, Christine Eaton, Carolyn Walsh 

Miss Harkins' Grade 10 Class 

8th Grade Trw 


Chris daCamera 

Sophomore Year's Winning Float 

Dawn Gustafson and Danielle O'NeiU 

Along the winding way 






Washington, D.C. 

Tarvn's first day 

Gary Maple and Mickey 


The Randy Awards 

Caroline Richardson accepts her award. 

And the winners are . . 

Vgarwalla takes one home ... or two, or three. 

Mr. Vellante, the Master of Ceremonies. 

Be careful, Brian, this is real glass. 

Congratulations to Joe. 


Thank You 

A Brief Thank You from the Editor-in-Chief 

To Alex: Thank-you for your invaluable computer skills and your reminders for everyone to 
"Calm down, I can fix it," while giving up so much school time to make the Oracle perfect. 
To Gary: Thank-you for waiting for the perfect caption and for your dedication to making the 
sports better than ever. 

To Taryn: Thank-you for your commitment to all sports, not just the ones you participate in. 
Thank-you also for your friendship and support. 

To Chad: Thank-you for putting up with my "Deadline Moods," walking me to my car to 
protect me from "The Stalker," and of course contributing your literary ingenuity. 
To Jodi: Thank-you for never giving up on those few last ads. Thank-you also for showing me 
that old friends can still become new friends. 

To Matt: All I can say is thank-you. Thanks for understanding when I confiscated your poetic 
license, and when I took things out on you. Thanks for sticking around and always needing a 
ride home ... I enjoy the trips. 

To Mrs. Chui: This school does not know how lucky they are to have you for an advisor. Your 
quest for perfection and for making each page special will be obvious every time the Class of 
'96 looks at the Oracle. 

To Club Presidents: Thank-you for cooperating with our rigid deadlines. 
To Advisors: Thank-you for your patience in dealing with our new student-run photography. 
To The Business Staffers: Your hard work helped make this all possible. 
From Taryn and Gary 

To the Coaches and Captains: Thank you for your time, write-ups, identifications and patience. 
To all of our Senior Athletes: Congratulations on great years. 
From Chad, Gary, Erik, Taryn, Alex, and Matt to Deborah: 



T. J. Burrell 





ie Blue Devils Varsity Football team of Randolph 
High School, finished the 1995-96 season with a rath- 
er dismal 4-6-0 record. However, they .competed in 

e tough games against some tough teams. 

ley lost three games by a total of three points. 
Joe Monteforte and Chris daCamara, the co-captains, 
led the Blue Devils football team through a season in 
which they played three superbowl quality teams; 
Marshfield, Acton-Boxborough, and East Bridgewa- 
ter. Despite the fact that they lost to all three, they 
defeated the Rockland Bulldogs on Turkey Day to 
capture the Devil-Dog trophy until next year when it is 
on the line again. 

In conclusion, the wins and losses are not what are 
most important to the team. What are important are 
the good times, the friendships, the experience, and 
the lessons learned. The Seniors wish next year's 
team, led by captains Joe Quinerly, Jeff Warren, and 
Mike Kutchamanic, the best of luck. 

Captains: daCamara and Monteforte 

1995 Blue Devils 

It's my ball and you can't have it. 

Do you think we will play? 

He's only a sophomore? 


They are never going to catch me. 

There has been a King sighting. 

Hey Joe, the game is the other way! 

Autographs after the game. 

Coach Tardiff rallies "The D." 

Long, Joe, Brian, Chris, Alex, Artie, and Ken 

He made me do it. 



Danielle, Kristen, and Erin 

Have you had your V-8 today? 

K. Capasso, K. Mulligan, P. Mazzeo, H. Morse, T. Holland, K. Perfetuo, T. Dobbins, J. Rondon, A. Leroux-Lindsey, J. 
Menenzes, K. Sullivan, S. Clapp, L. Luong, E. Hutchings, K. O'Donnell, L. Packard, D. Dulski 

Hey Trisha, where did you go? 

I can't believe the hypnotist did this! 

1 think my arms are frozen! 


Let's get ready to rumble. 

I hope the game's almost over. 

Hey you two . . . This isn't gymnastics. 

I forgot . . . What's next? 

Hey in front! Look at that kid on the goal postl 

The R.H.S. Varsity Cheerleaders had an incred- 
ible year together with lots of memories. While 
continuously supporting the athletes, they also 
participated in two competitions. Captains Kristen 
O'Donnell and Lori Packard led the team to a 
second place victory in one competition. Some of 
their favorite memories throughout the year in- 
cluded cheerleading camp, Mike Talbot, toilet pa- 
pering, rallies. Homecoming, pasta dinners, candy 
corns, the Hustle, and of course always breaking 
on mayonnaise. They will always remember the 
great times and all of the work they put into sup- 
porting the Blue Devils. The graduating cheer- 
leaders would like to wish good luck to the team 
next year. 

Captains O'Donnell and Packard 



As expected, the Boys' Soccer team had an undefeated 
record during the regular season. The 18-0 record gave 
them a ranking of #1 in the State Tournament. As defending 
State Champions, they faced Needham in the final game, 
but were defeated 2-0 . . . Yeah Rightl Even though their 
games had an average student attendance of .42, anyone 
that started to believe this article does not deserve to 
graduate. The truth is that they did not win a game the 
whole season. The team was led by senior Co-Captains Paul 
MacQregor and Matt Weinberg. Other seniors included 
Ricky Ng, Doug Prag, Brian Karoul, and Ed Christian. They 
had a new coach and many young players on the team this 
year, and they blame their complete and total failure on 

Senior highlights were as follows: Paul MacQregor's leg 
totally failing and causing him to collapse at the Dennis- 
Yarmouth game; Rick rig's ability not to get injured every- 
day; Doug Prag's being the oldest and shortest kid on the 
team; Brian Karoul's five illegal throw-ins in one game; Ed 
Christian's bloody nose, broken wrist, goofy goggles, and 
desire to wave at girls; the Coach's wife getting tossed from 
the field; and Matt Ostiguy supporting them at the rally. 

Captains MacGregor and Weinberg 

D. Shoenig, P. MacGragor, M. Weinberg, J. Fallon, J. Feldman, B. Karoul, Coach Qlendye, S. Pacheco, D. Stein, C. 
Lewis, Q. Casmay, M. Oliva, P. Christian, P. Hiedzwiki, D. Prag, R. Mg. 

Let's see if it will reach the net. 

nice toss by "The 'Berg. 


Will you hurry up, Paul! 

The Dext Rockette 

I didn't know slugs could throw. 

Don't even try it! 

I wish I could pick this up. 

Stop playing footsie with me! 

Get that ball away from me. 

Paul, Matt, Brian, Ricky, and Doug 



Aydrien gets ready to head the ball. 

Wow. I threw it pretty far! 

Coach Mayer, L. Johnston, D. Dean, L. nankin, A. Bryan, L. Meglio, E. Pally, K. Rodgers, J. Boothby, K. Glass, R. 
Warren, J. Marceline, T. Docanto, C. Strazzula, A. Schroer, E. Meglio, R. Rodgers 

Look out downfield! 

I wish some would acknowledge my existence. 

Someday I'll have a crowd to look up 


You got my back? 

Go-Go-Gadget Arms!! 


Kerri: You're supposed to trip the other team. 

spite of their record (0-16-2), the Girls' Varsi 
soccer team kept the score close in most of their 
games. Coaches of other teams commented on 
■"ir improvement during the season. Although 
y were a young team, they were competitive, 
and will continue to grow stronger. They are look- 
ing forward to bringing up talented players from 
the J.V. team, who pulled off a 1-0 win against 

Captains Lindsey and Allison 




Before each race, the starter would say "Will the top 
Ave runners please step up to the line?" During most of 
the races, the Randolph Girls' Cross Country team con- 
sisted of only five runners. Despite having only one win 
during the 1995 season, the Girls' team did very well 
competing against the larger teams of 15 to ,20 gir»« in 
the A.C.L. Led by Laura Tru'J and Denise Gomes, 
dolph always gave their competitors a run for their mon- 
ey. Senior Captain (and rookie) Taryn Hamlin ran behind 
the front-runners while sophomores Julia Hunter, Linda 
Gorman, and seventh grader Natalie Lindsey-Leroux ran 
closely behind. Although pack running was never an 
option, Laura almost always grabbed the first place spot 
for Randolph. 

The Randolph Boys' Cross Country team made the 
seniors' final year very special. Making this year special, 
first, was their 6-3 record in a very tough league. What 
really made the season worthwhile was Randolphs first 
victory ever over Dennis- Yarmouth, by a score of 25-31, 

Captains Hamlin, Trull, and Jean-Louis 

Coach Burke, J. Hunter, T. Hamlin, D. Gomes, L. Gorman, L. Trull. Coach Powell, n. Lindsey-Leroux, K. Wong 

I'm gonna be late for my nail appoint- 

Laura leads the pack. 


Julia heads for the finish. 



Stop looking at the fans. 

Hammer! Hammer! 

What's Dan doing ahead of Tim? 

Coach Burke, J. Lee, P. Fruzzeti, H. Jean-Louis, T. Trull, J. Freitas, E. Williams, Coach Powell, R. Trull, T. Geary, M. 
DiBenidetto, J. Burke, M. Price 

Taryn, Tim, Jose, Emron, and Hatim 



C. Walsh, S. Callahan, D. Stein, B. Dziergowski, S. Dever, J. Williams, C. Lee, R. Cohen, E. Cooper, D. Qately, T. 
Dean, E. Radziewicz, K. Wehle, J. Wehle, S. Qately, J. Kung, A. Kaufman, M. Collins, J. Lampert 

Swimmers, Take Your Marks 

Hurry up and get here 


I know we look bald, but just smile. 

Everyone quiet, I'm gonna flip. 

What time is dinner? 

Come on everyone, let's hand jive. 

Deb heads for the finish. 

Captains Beth and Carolyn 

their pool was conquered by chlorine 
ey were forced to practice at Blue Hills at the 
rack of dawn. The Girls Varsity Swim Team still 
managed to finish third in the Pilgrim Conference. 
Many swimmers went to the Sectional meet. 
Danielle Qately and senior Shauna Callahan went 
to States. Beth Dziergowski and Danielle Qately 
were named to the Ail-Star team, and Debbie Stein 
received the League Sportsmanship Award. The 
swim team would like to thank their coaches, Val 
and Denise, for all of their dedicated work. They 
would also like to wish Val a "Happy Retirement." 



1o sporting event will leave such an indelible 
mark on history as did this year's Powder Puff 
game. In the annals of written record, no team has 
received such an abject humiliation as did the 
senior girls. By being shut out at half-time, and 
ultimately losing, our gals rounded out the top 
three with the Hindenberg and Dukakis presiden- 
tial campaign of all-time American disasters. The 
senior girls were befuddled by the juniors' com- 
plex offensive plan consisting solely of passing the 
ball to Kate Sullivan, or handing the ball off to Kate 
Sullivan. However, the seniors occasionally man- 
aged to whip the crowd into a frenzy by getting 
more than one first down in a half! Even more 
startling was their ability to occasionally gain yard- 
age! The senior girls had a chance to make the 
score somewhat respectable — as respectable as 
losing to the junior girls could be.) 

Coach Apazidis calls the shots. 

J. Keane, B. Dziergowski, C. Walsh, C. Eaton, D. Dulski, D. OTieill, M. DeCarolis, C. Wong, S. DeOssie, K. O'Donnell, 
K. Hynes, J. Krivelow, N. Transtamar, J. Sandler, S. Green, M. Doniger, S. Dever, D. Morrow, K. Manning, S. 

Do you think this will scare the juniors away? 

Callahan's speed carries her past the de- 

Vanessa on the warpath. 


Oh my gosh! 

Heidi decides to play Red-Light, Green-Light. 

They told me to stay just like this. 

Why do we have to stand like this? 

Let's pretend this is a real game. 

What are you looking at? 

You have to give it back. They're on offense. 

Juniors show their allegiance. 





Matt, Paul and Carlo 

Am I too far out? 

Coach Wilkes, J Fortes, P MacGregor, C Maignan, J Fallon, S Myers, L Cummings, B Callahan, B Cetrone, J.Warren, MWeinberg, S Waite 

Sitch looks 

he team decides on a 'D' 

hope he catches it! 


Run the motion. 

Matty goes up strong 

Lee pulls up for a shot. 

Am I carrying the ball? 

Jeff shows that he really can play defense. 

The Randolph High School Boys' Basketball 
Team had a very successful 1995-1996 season. 
Although the team was young and faced much 
adversity, they came together and won. This 
"quaint little band of 10" players worked hard 
and had their effort pay off as they advanced to 
the state tournament. The team was led by 
captain Matt Weinberg, seniors Paul MacGregor 
and Carlo Maignon. Spiritual leadership and stats 
were provided by senior manager Gary Maple 
and his crew. Sophomore Jared Fortes was the 
Blue Devils' all-star representative. 

Captain Weinberg 



For many years, the scoreboard at Varsity girls' .basketball 
games would show Randolph losing by 30, 40, sometimes even 
50 points. However, the 1995-1996 season was extremely 
different. With six seniors on the team, the Blue Devils won two 
consecutive games for the first time in many years and kept most 
others within reach. League all-star Indya Mitchell contributed 
greatly to the team's success. The team would like to thank 
coaches Bill Santos and Norm Tardiff for the constant reminder 
that if one plays with heart, one will win. Season highlights 
included Taryn's ingenious recommendations, Wilkes before 
practice, a record setting number of injuries, Wilkes during 
practice, Carolyn and Indya throwing water on Coach Tardiff, 
talking about Wilkes at spaghetti dinners, bus rides with J. 
Stillwell, and most importantly, celebrating with Coach Wilkes. 
The players would like to dedicate the 1995-1996 season to the 
one and only Coach Wilkes! 

Captains Tull, Walsh and Hamlin 

AlSlt.*W. * 

mm w %jWttp<bpm 

"fi vi 'Ll/k w !l Ml 


Coach Santos, C. Woo, J. Keane, C. Walsh, K. Hynes, S. Bonnie, A. Robson, Coach Tardiff, A. Cornish, A. Rosa, T. Tull, T. Hamlin, D. Nagle, 

M. McCormick, I. Mitchell 

Randolph 16, Duxbury 



hope my dad's here 

Coach Wilkes just walked in 

I'm awesome 

Does she ever miss? 

Julie goes up for the shot. 

Who ever said we don't box out? 

Carolyn, we recommend that you straighten out. 

Tia, Debbie, Taryn, Julie, Kristen, Carolyn 




Marcelino, Matt and Brian 

Leading scorer, Dave, goes in for another. 

Coach Yandle, D. Mofford, M. Andrade, M. DeGrechie, B. O'Leary, M. Berryman, D. Moore, D. Dimuzio, A. Phinney, J. McBride, R. Johns, 

Coach Dobbins, Coach McNeal, B. Das, C. Slapak, K. Walsh, S. Seterial, R. Patel, B. Pasquantonio, M. Headly, R. Sawyer, D. Serano, B. 

Sweeney, M. Bobbles, A. Cavanaugh, T. Sproules, R. Moore, M. Dimagio, S. Sandler 

Phinney and Moore wonder if they ever get a break. 


I need to hit someone. 


Ryan looks for a teammate 

Bring it on! 

Coach Dobbins offers Bri some coffee 

It's cold in here, eh? 

Hurry up Bri, he's gonna catch you 

Captains CLeary, Berryman and Moore 

This year's Blue Devils hockey team did 
much better than was expected of them at the 
beginning of the season. With no goalie and 
few returning players, things didn't look hope- 
ful for the Devils. However, three goalies and 
many young players came out for the team. 
The team made a run at the state tournament 
for the first time in many years. With many 
young players on the team, the future leoks 
bright. Senior leadership that will be missed 
was provided by Marcelino Andrade, Matt 
Berryman and Brian O'Leary. 



lastics team had 
.eir third straight 
"so went un- 
.ately, due to 
" r ork was not 
ctional anc 
J by leagui 
in Capassc 
" e girl: 

Captains Capasso and Callahan 

M. Gotlieb, G. Lamothe, A. Coffman, J. Krivelow, T. Maple, C. Strazzulla, J. Capasso, A. Leroux-Lindsey, L. Strazzulla, A. Hunter, M. Pratt, T. 

Sylvestre, K. Benjamin, J. Andrede, T. Montiero, K. Capasso, S. Callahan 

Show it off Kris 

Pure Strength! 


State Champ on the beam. 

Here goes 

What's on the mat? 

Chalkin' up for battle 

I'm going pretty fast, huh? 

Tracy set to fly. 

Jessica and Shauna 



Jason, Eric, Alex, and Brad 

Tommy needs a pillow 

Coach Azer, T. Lok, A. Apazidis, B. Peri, E. O'Connor, A. Ahmed, A. Topham, J. Arneau, A. Kutchmanic, M. Anderson, M. White, D. 

Espinoza, Coach Bagacci 


Is my brea- 

You got something on your chin 

Smile for the camera 

Woo Dog goes for a pin 

All Right! I Won! 

Amed gets geared up 

The wrestling team once again did 
Randolph proud. The team's winning 
percentage was not great, but they 
won a majority of their matches. 
However, due to a lack of team mem- 
bers, they forfeited many matches in • 
every meet. The Blue Devils had eight 
of their wrestlers advance into the 
South Sectionals, and all did well. 

Captains Apazidis and Peri (Ameau missing) 




With only one senior, the 1995-1996 Girls' Winter Track 
team worked hard and ended the season with one win and 
one tie. The team was led by senior captains Ester Philistin, 
junior Kate Sullivan and sophomore Laura Trull. The majority 
of the team was underclassmen, so the future looks promising. 

For the first time in many years, the Boys' Winter Track 
Team went undefeated, clinching first place in the Atlantic 
Coast League. This would not have been possible without the 
great dedication of the athletes and the excellent facilitating of 
Coaches Powell, Sullivan, Walsh and Burke. 

Qualifiers for state competition were Kate Sullivan, Laura 
Trull, Heidi-Lynn Morse, Tina Decanto, Tinese Burns, Matt 
Warren, Hatim Jean-Louis, Tim Trull, Dave Veira, Ricky Ng, 
Pat Fruzzetti, and Dan McGuire. 

Captains Philistin, Sullivan, Trull and Ng 


i ft A 

A JL n 

• 4i* 

1 *M iTs 

1* t5 


SBS^^f **^ ^H 

,. . ~~~" 

IB JS^K 1 

Coach Sullivan, C. Fields, D. Gately, H. Morse, E. Philistin, J. May, L. O'Malley, T. Burns, R. Kurafas, L. Trull, E O'Malley, J. Lui, C. Cornish, 
D. McGuirk, L Meglio, T. Dicanto, S. Shoot, J. Pacheco, C. Chin, L. Gorman, B. Difranza, N. Mahone, V. Hogu 


W^^^m n 

1 1 h4I 

K '■' -fim .t J 

1 r JiBt ^B 

Where's the meet? 

Kate: you'll do fine. Don't worry 

Last minute touch ups before the meet 




There's no que 


Stop racing, this is a dista 

Coach Sullivan, S. Sharma, L. Woochacha, D. McGuire, H. Jean-Louis, R. Grahmn, P. Clapp, P. Fruzzetti, M. Hazell, J. Warren, J. Freitas, T. 

Geary, Coach Powell, Coach Walsh, M. Kutchmanic, J. Dasse, K. Gonzalves, K. Kalixte, B. Karoul, D. Viera, T. Trull, D. Prag, R. Ng, J. Freitas, 

M. Warren, W. Leung, M. Debenideto, K. Partosan, N. Whitmer, J. Lee, J. Healy, , J. Burke, D. Ng, S. McGuirk, R. Trull, D. Hernandes 

Doug, Ricky and Matt warm up 

Hatim, Brian, Dan, Mike, Ricky, Dave. Ester, Tim, Doug, William and Ken 


Spstinq/ Spatts/ 






King Paul and Queen Tracey with their court 

Taryn Hamlin and Tony 

Erik Saganic's little known cameo appearance 

I look to the vast horizon to catch a glimpse of 
... a pack of prancing sheep. 

hB& w/Pv* 

B* SX) 


[ **\ 

^^ * 1h 

E^ hT 

B ^B 


u 1 ' 

You lookin ' "Wonderful Tonight . . ., Larry. 

Nothing is more addicting man an appropriate dosage of 

Dave Viera. 



'Nuff said 

Who could be sporting this foot apparel? 


Appearing soon at a T Station near you, it's Levy and Segal. Bring spare change for the obvious 



Nilesh. Need we say anything more?!?! 

My mom said I was groovy?! 

After a long weekend, RHS students are alert and ready to learn!!! 

^^^^ * r* !<^B'\VH^ 


■ r ^ 

* ^H k^r ^H 

"I feel so liberated!!' 

Call Security! 








The Normandy Room at Lantana's 
reached maximum capacity as mu- 
sic filled the air, dancers filled the 
floor, and turkey filled the mouths 
of attendees. The work of advisors 
Mr. Christopher, Mrs Hahn and 
Mr. Clark made the evening possi- 




He-Man will be mine!!! 

For wearing 
bell bottoms 
and listening 
to N.K.O.T.B, 
we would like 
to thank Karen 
Cassidy for 
bringing back 
bad trends. 







Q)eMi& <S/saac&ofi> 


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I lomcfWM 

C)r goodness 



Sudburtj Irarms 

wishes our employees 





ass o 


and their classmates 
the best of luck in the future, 

Serving the community of Randolph 


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355 NCUA M5,,C 





Class of 1996 

A warmi congmis to Debbie Stein , 
Class of '96! 

Great job and good luck!! 

We love you!! 


Hyla, Joel, Jarrod, 

Karen, and Shaina 


Class of '96' 

Right side up or upside down 
thanks alot, we love ya' 

RHS Student Council 

Good Luck class of 

Don Rosa 

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If you can dream it , you can do it . 
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Good Lucie Senions! 

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Class of 1996 

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new or Used Instruments 

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C. J^ 


<u ^. l . 


-1Y}oAt^ J- Sty^^- 




Randolph fT1u/ic Boo/lei/ \ 7' ♦ 

congratulates our music Seniors m<\ ...^"^ 

5 cr 
and wishes them continued success in the future! 


We might not say it too often but 

"We're proud of you!" 

Good luck and much success in everything 
that you do! Congratulations! 

Love Always, 
Mom, Dad, Lisa, Libby, 
and George 


;• of 1996 

7§>asdall / Sojtbatt 

Best Wishes 



to the 
Class of 1996 

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Best Wishes to the Class of 96!!! 


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Class of '96 


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Cart^ gnt 

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Eat, Drink & Be Married. 

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I .is! Boston f' Randolph 
Since \<><> i 


I <jsi Boston r» Winlhrop 

Sm<<- 1927 


Sim- I98 r ) 


June 9, 1996 


s4natAex yisiori/ 

s4s we approach the end of our senior year, we are 
overcome by emotion. We look forward to the promising 
future that we wish to create for ourselves. We will find 
niches in society and work diligently. But with these 
thoughts dominating our lives, it is easy to overlook what is 
going on around us in the present. 

While today may slip by us all too swiftly, recording the 
here and now is the main objective of our yearbook: to 
capture the untouched spirit that people often seem to lose 
as they try to deal with their activities, daily obligations, and 
careers. It will serve as a method of closing the gaps in our 
hazy memories. In the coming years, it will remind us of 
old friends who have dispersed in all the directions of the 

In the future, let us all cherish that to which we can not 
return. Let this yearbook be the key that unlocks fond 
memories. Moreover, let it call back to you as the 
embodiment of friendship and great expectations. 

Best wishes for health and happiness, 



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